Topic-Based Tales

Hearing the mythology of Roman Britain, the tale of Beowulf, traditional tales or local folktales is a wonderful way to enrich topic-based learning. I have stories for a wide variety of topics including Viking Mythology, Beowulf and British, Celtic and local folktales. Performances can be set up for a class or the whole school!

The children were mesmerised from start to finish. All the children came back to the classroom talking about their favourite story and characters.

Whoberly Primary School, Coventry

Storytelling for English & Literacy

Exploring and listening to stories deepens a child’s understanding of metaphor, symbolism, character and wakes their minds up to the echoes of traditional narrative throughout literature. Learning to become a storyteller is an empowering process for the child and is a fantastic way to support and strengthen public speaking, performance and speaking & listening skills.

The best workshop I have ever been to; I have learnt so much, especially to be more creative. I enjoyed Abbie's workshops and the way she told the story, it was fantastic!

Azhara Academy, London

Storytelling for Social and Emotional Education and Special Needs

For centuries, storytelling has been used as a tool to help children through stages of development, enhancing and supporting the motional and social development of the child. Stories of magical wizards, deals with the devil and long, hard journeys offer metaphors to help young people deal with trauma, loss and develop their understanding of the social, moral and emotional challenges they will face as they grow. Workshops developed with arts in health charity Big Blue Drum aim to help young people deal with the challenges of modern life through the wisdom tales of the past.

Learning storytelling has been amazing. Thank you.

Oriel High School, West Sussex

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About Me

I am an OFSTED rating outstanding teacher, specialising in English, Drama, behaviour management and creativity in the classroom.

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