Abbie Palache

The Garden of the Heart is an evening of stories that nourish the heart and soul. Whether they are stories from the teller’s own biographies, or heart stories from cultures around the world, these tales are offerings to your own heart’s garden. 

Abbie Palache is a teacher and storyteller from the International School of Storytelling. Her stage presence and charismatic tellings are entrancing. She has been telling stories for years as part of her previous life as a secondary school drama teacher and now works with narrative and story full time, sharing her love of story with audiences from one to one hundred years old.

"Through her love of tale and myth, and her skillful telling, she takes us into vivid worlds. When we listen to Abbie's stories, we're invited to journey, and the journey takes us on." Rosanna Zabeth, Audience Member and Storyteller

Cindylou Turner-Taylor is a storyteller, artist, teacher and recent graduate from the International School of Storytelling. Her warmth and humour are infectious, as is her love for stories. Cindylou also had a previous incarnation in education, as a primary Head Teacher and now works as a professional storyteller, bringing her love of story and story-inspired art & craft to adults and children alike.

"Like a gourmet chef Cindylou serves her listeners with creative and exquisite feasts of stories, told with passion, depth, humour and playfulness. She will keep you on the edge of your seat asking for more!" Roi Gal-Or, Director, International School of Storytelling

The Garden of the Heart can be booked as a 1hour (without an interval) or 1.5 hour performance (with 10min interval), featuring wondertales, folktales and autobiographical stories.

Garden of the Heart artwork(copyright Cindylou-Turner Taylor,2013) is also available on request.

It is suitable for all ages, but has been created with an adult audience in mind.

Comments from Storytelling in Hope - 4th May 2013 

"Very inspirational and nourishing."

"What a wonderful team Abbie and Cindylou make!"

"We were enchanted."

"I wish my family could have heard"

"Stories told with real feeling."

"A very warm and inspirational evening"

"Thank you for planting lots of story seeds."