Stories aren't just for children. 

Find details below of performances specifically curated and created to inspire, engage and entertain adult audiences. 

Abbie has performed at Festival at the Edge in Shropshire, Hare Moon Storytelling Camp in Cambridge, Winter Storytelling Festival in Devon and a wide variety of events in and around Brighton, London and Sussex. 

 The Women of Asgard - Viking Mythology

The stories of the women who lived, loved and lost in the land of fire and ice. Based on the Prose and Poetic Eddas.

60/90 minutes

Storyplayers, Canterbury, May 2015 / Wood Sisters, Totnes, Feb 2015 / Tales at the Fold, Essex, Feb 2015 / Emerson College, Sussex, Feb 2015 / Treadwells Bookshop, London, June 2014 / Brighton Festival, Five Pound Fringe, May 2014 / Heads and Tales Storytelling Club, Ringwood, March 2014 / Winter Festival, Wood Sisters, Devon, Feb 2014 / Everything Under the Sun festival, Sussex, August 2013

Bedtime Stories for Grown ups! 

All sorts of stories from around the world, from ancient Icelandic sagas to tales of wisdom and hope. 

Night of the Storyteller, London Feb 2015 / Storyjam, London, Dec 2014, Jan 2015 / Fresh Blood and Guts, London, July 2014 /  Emerson College, Sussex, various dates between 2012-2014 / Storytelling at Milgi’s, April 2014 / Scandalmongers, Ramsgate, Jan 2014 /  Hallmark Care Homes - various dates 2014 / Portsmouth University Chaplaincy, Nov 2013/ Storytelling in Hope, Blackheath, May 2014 / Emerson Colllege, Sussex, June 2013/ West Country Festival, August 2012 

Of Goddesses and Girls

An exploration of the role of women and girls in traditional tales and contemporary culture. Suitable for 13+

30/60/90 minutes

Hare Moon Festival - 2016 /  International Womens Day, Southwark Citizens Advice Bureau, Feb 2014 /  Forest Row Village Hall, Sussex, Dec 2013

Walking the Raven Road - Tales from Along the Way 

ReallyGoodStuff, Oxford, April 2015 / Treadwells, January 2015 & May 2015 / Brighton Storytellers - various / School of Storytelling 2016 

Brighton Storytellers

Along with friends and colleagues Alexandra and Arthur, I run and promote storytelling events in Brighton. Check out for more information. 

“A  storyteller with edge - who can take you into the darkness and back again with a sure footedness that is the mark of someone who really knows her craft.”

Ashley Ramsden, Founder of the International School of Storytelling

Abbie graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2007 with a BAhons in Drama and Theatre arts. From 2008 onwards, she trained with the International School of Storytelling, joining them as an associate tutor from 2012-2014. She has trained with Crick Crack founder Ben Haggarty and Dr Martin Shaw from the West Country School of Myth. 

In 2014, Abbie set up Brighton Storytellers with fellow ISOS alumni Alexandra and Arthur and has been running and performing at events across the UK. 

Abbie is a fully qualified and experienced teacher of English and Drama at a Secondary school level. She works with teenagers with special needs, including social, emotional and mental health issues.