Abbie Palache

 I am still not sure whether teaching led me to stories or stories led me to teaching...

As a qualified English and Drama teacher, stories have always been part of my life. Early on in my career, I found that the power a story has to move, inspire and engage, far exceeds the effect of many contemporary teaching approaches. Training with the International School of Storytelling, I have seen the powerful and transformative effect narrative and story has on the world – for parents, teachers and young people. 

My workshops are designed to support the learning of the child and the administration of the teacher, with clear links to the curriculum and exam board requirements. Where requested, additional exercises and activities are provided at no extra cost.

Workshop 1:

1 - 5 day and rolling programme available 

Becoming Storytellers

Students become storytellers themselves through specially devised techniques that improve memory, confidence and speaking and listening skills.


 Workshop 2:

1-5 day programme available

Engaging with English

Using storytelling and drama approaches to deepen and enrich student’s engagement with literary texts.   

Includes creative writing, performance and storytelling activities

 Workshop 3:

1-5 day and rolling programme available

Storytelling Theatre

Turn a story into a play, using a wide variety of storytelling-theatre techniques!

Available for KS3, KS4 and KS5.

At KS5, this is suitable for AQA Unit 2 or Unit 4 and includes sessions on supporting notes.