Storytelling Training for Charities, Teachers, Universities, Businesses

Introduction to Story as a Communication Tool

In this one day workshop, you will learn about the power of storytelling and explore how it can serve your work. Whether you work in campaigns, policy and research or with service users, you will be using story on a daily basis. This workshop gives you some strategies and resources to use story to better effect.

Workshop aims and objectives:

  • Identify the key features of good storytelling
  • Explore a variety of story structures and approaches to storytelling
  • Discuss the issues and challenges around story
  • Experience the impact of personal story

The workshop will use bespoke material, focussed on your charity or business needs.

Brief Overview

Morning: Personal storytelling, the neuroscience of story, what makes a good story, story structures

Afternoon: Issues when using story, creating and structuring effective stories

Abbie designed and delivered some excellent bespoke training for MIND staff that really helped us to think about how we can use storytelling in our work. The feedback on content and delivery was universally positive.

Tom Pollard, Senior Policy and Campaigns Officer at MIND

Storytelling Skills for Teachers & Parents

Stories are a wonderful way to connect, educate and entertain children. Whether it is making up a story or sharing a wisdom tale from a long, long time ago, children love to hear the adults in their lives tell tales.

 In this two day workshop, learn how to tell a tale in the oral tradition and develop your confidence as a storyteller.  You will also be introduced to a system inspired by Waldorf Education and rooted in child development work to pick the right story for the right age group.

Abbie Palache is an exceptional workshop and course leader . I have found her to be inspiring , dynamic and very clear and focused in the delivery all the material. Her worshops are fun and I left feeling I had gained new skills . Her organizational skills and structure made the material easy to follow and gave all participants the cofidence needed to tell a story well ... AND she is an icredible Storyteller and performer. Do I recommend her YES!!

Alexandra Schunemann, Storyteller and Craft teacher

Public Speaking Coaching

A recent survey found that most people find the prospect of public speaking more frightening than death!!

In this one, two or rolling workshop, develop confidence and strength in your voice and delivery.

One-to-one coaching and lessons in public speaking, speech delivery and performance available on request.

An amazing storyteller and masterful workshop leader, Abbie lead our group with sensitivity, humour, and just the
right amount of quirkiness! Abbie is extraordinarily down to earth and has the rare ability to see the potential in people and pull it out before they even realize what is happening. I left both of the courses I took with her full of confidence and astounded by the breadth of skills I had acquired and could apply in real world settings.

Abi Shapiro, Community builder